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Everyone Please Help Out A Fellow Patriot In Need!

Please Help A Fellow Patriot!
"I am writing this on the behalf of my wife, she is 37, a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 1. She has cerebral palsy, and has had 67 surgeries. About 6 years ago she lost her right leg to an infection that had set into the bone after a surgery that was to repair her foot after tripping over her dog. Since then, I have seen my wife go from someone that was spontaneous and out going to someone that has not left her home more than 5 times this year alone, and about the same last year. She has lost her independence, along with her friends. She is able to still drive, with her left foot, but being wheelchair bound she has to have someone with her all the time to lift her chair in and out of the van we have now. My mother-in law and myself are also disabled. She feels as if she is a burdon when we do it for her, because of the pain and strain it causes us. We have been trying to find organizations that will help her get a handicap accessable van so she can have at least a little bit of her independence back.
Thank you for reading. - Bob Novak."
Please Go Here To Donate:
Please Share This Link On Your Facebook And Twitter Pages For Bob. Thank You In Advance!
The RWA Team!
Today at 05:55:18 AM by RWA
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Racial tensions in America are at an all-time high, and they don’t seem to be easing anytime soon. But as all of the focus stays on white police officers being accused of racism, there’s plenty of black officers out there trying to keep our streets safe as well, and a man at Starbucks happened to see...
Today at 05:51:07 AM by RWA
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Student’s Request to Change High School’s Locker Room Rule Leads to 150-Person Walkout
Students at a high school in Missouri have walked out in protest after a controversy surrounding a transgender student’s use of the girls’ locker room.
Hillsboro High School senior Lila Perry was born a male, but has identified as female since age 13. According to KMOV, the school...
Today at 05:47:23 AM by RWA
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The same liberal idiocy that screams for gun control, just extended the Second Amendment right to bear arms to illegal aliens.  An illegal alien from Mexico, Mariano Meza-Rodriguez, is the face of this new ruling.  He was arrested, convicted, sentenced and then deported back to Mexico for carrying ammunition for a .22-calib...
Today at 05:43:49 AM by RWA
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A shop attendant in France became suspicious as a Muslim woman walked around his store. It wasn’t long until he discovered what she was really doing, when he decided to take a peek under her hijab – and it was all caught on video.
It’s unclear why someone found the need to flip on a camera, but for some reason, someone initially found a Muslim woman within the store to b...
Today at 05:41:43 AM by RWA
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The double-barreled AR-15 is not a gimmick as many believed initially but will be put into  full production here in the United States.
The rifle will have two individual triggers instead of the single trigger setup currently being used and will be sent to TTAG for testing.
Gilboa needed a “show stopper” for a military trade show and came up with this unique double-b...
Today at 05:27:29 AM by RWA
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Its Open Season On Killing Whites and Police
It's getting real now people.
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