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Today at 12:55:44 PM by jimsouth
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"Take A Look At That Baby" music video East River String ...
Video for east river string band▶ 3:53
ROBERT CRUMB & His Cheap Suit Serenaders 'My Girls ...
ROBERT CRUMB & His Cheap Suit Serenaders 'My Girls Pussy'

Feb 26, 2010 - ROBERT CRUMB & His Cheap Suit Serenaders 'My Girls Pussy' ... ballad I have mixed his wonderful illustrations with some pussy stuff.
R. Crum...
Today at 12:33:24 PM by BobSteup
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Amazing!!?? 27% of democraps think the most likely cause of the apocalypse will be... wait for it... Climate Change!
More evidence of mental disease!

3% of the certified idiots believe it will zombies and / or alien invasion
  :rofl :rofl :rofl
 by German Lopez on March 12, 2015
Americans have varying ideas on how the world will end, from nuclear war to a direct act o...
SgtRock ®
Today at 12:18:59 PM by SgtRock ®
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A few of these in your bug out bag just might save your ass!
How to Make a Real Smoking Grenade – the one hour method
One of the best methods to create a smoke grenade is basically a mixture of potassium nitrate and sugar. The former ingredient is also known as saltpeter and usually it’s not available for purchase. But you may use Spectracide Stump Remover which consists mostly of saltpeter. It works just fine!
Today at 08:42:10 AM by Byrdie™
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"Militias Are On High Alert" Due To Jade Helm 15 Claims Former Congressional Candidate - "This Is Becoming Very Real, Very Quickly"
Since the news first broke of the military training exercises titled "Jade Helm 15" on March 13, 2015,  the military has pushed back, the Internet has exploded with ...
Today at 06:33:09 AM by Byrdie™
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