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Yesterday at 10:43:12 PM by dhw1949
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Video: Ted Cruz Flays Harry Reid

Ted Cruz uses Harry Reid's own words against him
Yesterday at 12:11:43 PM by MontanaMEL
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Holder’s Bank of America Heist Funds Left’s Community-Organizer Shock Troops

By Andrew C. McCarthy

August 28, 2014 9:50 AM

Government coercion of the financial sector to make irresponsible loans was the primary driver of the 2007-08 financial meltdown. Yet, as we’ve previously observed here, “Washington has searched every place but within for a scapegoat” – with the Obama Justice Department pursuing politically...
Yesterday at 11:35:15 AM by MontanaMEL
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Obama’s Hazy Sense of History 
For the president, belief in historical predetermination substitutes for action. 

By Victor Davis Hanson

President Obama doesn’t know much about history.

In his therapeutic 2009 Cairo speech, Obama outlined all sorts of Islamic intellectual and technological pedigrees, several of which were undeserved. He exaggerated Muslim contributions to printing and medicine, for exa...
Yesterday at 10:54:51 AM by MontanaMEL
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Remember how horrified people were to learn of the ammonia-soaked pink slime in their ground beef and fast-food burgers?

It was so bad that one company, Beef Products Inc., was forced to close several plants and file for bankruptcy after the backlash in 2012. Incidentally, BPI filed a 1.2 billion dollar lawsuit is pending against ABC for breaking the story that more than 70% of grocery store ground beef contained pink slime.

Yesterday at 03:10:03 AM by dhw1949
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FAL with Grenade Launcher
Cold War Gunner
Yesterday at 12:03:01 AM by Cold War Gunner
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AUG 27, 2014
BY: Pamela Geller

As jihadists wage bloody and violent war across the Middle East and Africa, the response of American Muslims and their leaders is not to protest and denounce jihadic doctrine and develop programs to insure young Muslims do not join the Islamic army.

No, their response is to demand to disarm law enforcement and counter terror agencies and criminalize any law enforcement...
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