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Today at 11:25:11 AM by RWA
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Illegal Refugees Turned Away By Australian Navy Were Filmed Yelling “Remember 9-11”
This footage of illegal immigrants is worth a thousand words. After watching this video you will understand why we need to close our borders to prevent these animals from entering our country and harming the American people. WAKE UP Libtards!

This is not footage of ...
Today at 11:21:26 AM by RWA
Views: 39 | Comments: 2

Right before President-Elect Donald Trump takes office, infamous deserter Bowe Bergdahl pops up once again.

And he desperately wants a presidential pardon from Obama.

From his standpoint, most can probably see why. Earlier this year, Trump said Bergdahl was a “dirty, rotten traitor” who “should have been execu...
Today at 11:16:48 AM by RWA
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After being forced out of a VA treatment program two days before Thanksgiving, a veteran Army sergeant committed suicide shortly after posting a video.

American Military News stated John Toombs was discharged for what he described as “trivial reasons”, in a self recorded video he made two days before Thanksgiving at the Alvin C. York Medical Center in Murfreesboro,...
Today at 11:15:04 AM by RWA
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Michelle Obama: Museums Are For White People

On Monday First Lady Michelle Obama took the opportunity during a speech intended to be a celebration of the opening of a new museum to further inflame racial tensions that her husband has proven to be so skillful at.

The FLOTUS states that museums and con...
Today at 11:12:24 AM by RWA
Views: 107 | Comments: 6

Obama Crushed After Trump Orders White House To Stop His Sickest Tradition

Obama was seen storming away from the West Wing after staffers from Donald Trump’s transition team began preparing the Executive offices for the new administration. On Trump’s orders, one of Obama’s most secretive rituals is being reversed and all signs of it ...
Today at 11:10:39 AM by RWA
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Donald Trump won the election in a landslide because of bold ideas. His ideas would erase and remove decades of failed policies and corrupt agendas that have plagued this country for too long.

As Trump’s transi...
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