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Today at 03:46:17 PM by BobSteup
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by Jesse Walker

Vice President Joe Biden has been one of the most strident drug warriors of my lifetime. Mandatory minimum sentences, the crack/powder disparity, federal asset forfeiture, the RAVE Act—they all have Biden's fingerprints on them. The man may be responsible for the very phrase "drug czar." If the Drug War had its own Mount Rushmore, Biden's face would be carved on it, right next to Richard Nixon and Bill Bennett.
Today at 03:41:39 PM by BobSteup
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by Zenon Evans

The Freedom Socialist Party wants the minimum wage to be $20 an hour. However, they don't feel compelled to compensate their own workers with that kind of cash.

The party is looking for a web developer, and posted a job listing on Craigslist a week ago and yesterday, and it's been raising eyebrows on social media.

Although the average annual salary of a web developer in the U.S. is around...
Today at 03:11:32 PM by dhw1949
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Game of Capture the Flag Turns Violent Between Ferguson Protestors and Rams Fans
Rams fans and Ferguson protesters clash in St. Louis
Today at 11:18:59 AM by ted i lewis | Views: 21 | Comments: 2

            I went by a site that everyone of you NEED TO GO TO ! Creeping Please, if you really love our, your country ? Go and read ! I have been banned from every shit faced muslim chat room there is ! And have put up posters in town, Butte, Montana, and even on trees cumming up the pass and down ! On turns where they could he seen ! But now ? Things have gotten out of hand ! Muslims WILL TAKE OVER our country ! The time has come t...
Today at 10:50:47 AM by dhw1949
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Dear John
Today at 10:23:42 AM by dhw1949
Views: 40 | Comments: 4

RACIST BLACK Girl in class hits white guy
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