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SgtRock ®
Today at 04:37:14 AM by SgtRock ®
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Talented Naughty Woman
SgtRock ®
Today at 02:18:52 AM by SgtRock ®
Views: 33 | Comments: 1

Dennis Prager - The Middle East Problem (So Simple)-know the truth
Today at 01:59:45 AM by dhw1949
Views: 45 | Comments: 2

Beretta Moving Factory To Tennessee In Response To Maryland Gun Laws

By Jared Keever, Wed, July 23, 2014

Citing recent gun-control legislation efforts, firearms giant Beretta announced Tuesday that it will be moving its U.S. manufacturing facilities from Accokeek, Maryland, to Gallatin, Tennessee, next year.

“During the legislative session in Maryland that resulted in passage of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, th...
Yesterday at 09:20:40 PM by ChiefCoop©
Views: 62 | Comments: 4

An appeals court in VA ruled that the change in the subsidy by the IRS is OK. They said that the IRS was within its jurisdiction to "interpret the intent" of the law and make the change. This court keep talking about the "intent of congress", not the wording of the law, that was important. Both of these ruling were by 3 judge panels. The first was 2 conservative and one liberal. This court was 3 liberals. The votes went down strictly on party lin...
Yesterday at 08:07:36 PM by BobSteup
Views: 35 | Comments: 2

 by David L. Goetsch

Reports suggest that morale in the various branches of the military is on the decline. In fact, military morale is said to be lower now than at any point since the worst years of the Viet Nam War. This being the case, the commander-in-chief could reasonably be expected to ask an important quest...
Yesterday at 07:56:34 PM by BobSteup
Views: 60 | Comments: 5

by Kit Daniels | | July 23, 2014

Two anonymous Border Patrol agents reportedly told radio host Dave Hodges that under the pretense of labeling illegal aliens “refugees,” the United Nations is “calling the shots” on America’s border operations and the U.N. is deciding which immigrants to ship t...
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