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Today at 10:03:57 PM by ChiefCoop©
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I read a short article earlier and I'll summarize it here.

There is no such thing as a "radical muslim or radical Islamist. That is some term dreamed up (probably by a lib) to soften the truth. That person is actual a ardent and devoted Islam believer; the Koran, the book of Islam, teaches that killing all non-muslims is a good goal as well as total world denomination by Muslims and Sharia law. Anyone practicing that is obeying the dic...
Cold War Gunner
Today at 04:19:08 PM by Cold War Gunner
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Aug 29, 2014
BY: Andrea D. Combs

Watch: Tea Party Members Are Doing Something Awesome In Ferguson That You Need To Hear About

Despite the civil unrest in the city of Ferguson, Missouri, it appears some good is taking place too. The rioting, looting, and vandalism affecting local businesses there has garnered national attention, causing the St. Louis Tea Party to realize they could make a differen...
Today at 03:40:39 PM by AceMan®
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Unpopular Police Officer Thinking About Committing Racially Motivated Offense For A Little Support

INDIANAPOLIS—Tired of being overlooked by everyone in his precinct, unpopular Indianapolis Police Department officer Kyle Norris told reporters Wednesday he was considering committing a racially motivated offense to generate a little...
Today at 01:20:44 PM by MontanaMEL
Views: 58 | Comments: 6

Feds greenlight truckers with impaired vision

By Tim Devaney - 08/28/14 02:34 PM EDT

Some truck drivers who are partially blind will be allowed to operate commercial motor vehicles, federal regulators said Thursday.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will exempt 14 truck drivers who suffer from poor vision, including some who are blind in one eye, from rules that would otherwise prohibit them...
Cold War Gunner
Today at 10:18:17 AM by Cold War Gunner
Views: 21 | Comments: 1

Aug 29, 2014
BY: Onan Coca

With the Obama administration’s horrendous immigration policies already wreaking havoc along our southern border and the planned amnesty of some five million illegal immigrants in the near future… you might not think the tidal wave of illegals could possibly grow any larger.

You’d be wrong…

The latest poll from Pew Research found that 34% of the Mexican population ...
Co-opted Confederate
Today at 04:40:55 AM by Co-opted Confederate
Views: 46 | Comments: 3

This came to from a Lockheed employee, who has had 3 assignments to Saudi Arabia. Worth the read!
During the pilot transition program with the KV-107 and C-130 with Lockheed, we found that most Saudi pilot trainees had very limited night vision, even on the brightest of moonlit nights. Their training retention rate was minimal including maintenance personnel.
Some had dim memories, and had to be constantly reminded of thin...
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