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John j
Today at 09:37:56 PM by John j
Views: 6 | Comments: 0

I have NO idea how shitlery's going to shovel her way out of this shit ...  :wtf
I'd say that she , AND willy , MUST know full well that they're BOTH going to be indited sooner or later , so they're making it EASY for the opposition while they still have someone in office to open the cell door ... :wtf

Today at 05:06:45 PM by Sonnyone7
Views: 158 | Comments: 3

Please read the full article.


Donald J. Trump - Breitbart Red State Newsmax Drudge Report

A few days ago someone I don't know asked this question on ... Facebook and a mutual friend (knowing I am a Trump supporter), tagged me and asked me to answer the question. Here was my reply:

I am a Trump supporter for several reasons. I believe that our country is at a cr...
Today at 03:31:41 PM by dmcowles
Views: 175 | Comments: 11

It's been a while since I have posted an editorial  blog style status update, but it is time.

I've tried to analyze what the main influence has been, albeit admittedly there are a myriad of them, that has brought this once-great nation to where we are today.

What could possibly result in a failed, two-term presidency that is viewed by more than half the population as a huge success?

What could lead this country t...
Today at 10:26:42 AM by RWA
Views: 134 | Comments: 2

On the heels of the British exit from the European Union, Republican Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie is pushing for an “Amexit” from the United Nations.
Massie is cosponsoring legislation first introduced in 2015 called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. If passed, the bill would accomplish an “Amexit”...
Today at 10:21:41 AM by 7magseven7
Views: 120 | Comments: 1

An official at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital is helping the largest federal employee union oppose efforts to reform the agency’s network of hospitals.

The public affairs officer at the Cheyenne VA Medical Center in Wyoming has advertised a rally organized by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) next week to protest recommendations made by members of an independent commission that would overhaul VA healthca...
Today at 10:20:34 AM by RWA
Views: 244 | Comments: 9

Loretta Lynch Will Step Aside And Accept Whatever FBI Recommends In Hillary Email Investigation

We told you about how Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch on a private plane in Arizona for 30 minutes.
It was a baffling conflict of interest.
The media immediately began to push back at the idea that it’s appropriate for an ...
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