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Please Help A Fellow Patriot!
"I am writing this on the behalf of my wife, she is 37, a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 1. She has cerebral palsy, and has had 67 surgeries. About 6 years ago she lost her right leg to an infection that had set into the bone after a surgery that was to repair her foot after tripping over her dog. Since then, I have seen my wife go from someone that was spontaneous and out going to someone that has not left her home more than 5 times this year alone, and about the same last year. She has lost her independence, along with her friends. She is able to still drive, with her left foot, but being wheelchair bound she has to have someone with her all the time to lift her chair in and out of the van we have now. My mother-in law and myself are also disabled. She feels as if she is a burdon when we do it for her, because of the pain and strain it causes us. We have been trying to find organizations that will help her get a handicap accessable van so she can have at least a little bit of her independence back.
Thank you for reading. - Bob Novak."
Leslie Svan
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The RWA Team!
Cold War Gunner
Today at 09:22:17 PM by Cold War Gunner
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Patrick Henry Society
Jul 4, 2015
BY: Kit Lange

Every year on this day we are reminded of the significance of our independence.  We are told the timeless story of 56 men who pledged their lives and sacred honor, knowing they would be hung as traitors for daring to believe that they could be free men.  The story of American independence is one that for many of us, embodies all that we believe about our nation and about o...
Today at 06:23:19 PM by BobSteup
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The Second American Revolution

Posted on November 23, 2014 by Fred Reed
An Utterly Objective Analysis

The Revolution of 2019 began, curiously enough, in fall of 2019 when Mary Lou Johnson, the nine-year-old daughter of a ranching family outside of Casper, Wyoming, came home from her sex-ed class at Martin Luther King Elementary with a banana, a packet of condoms, and a book called Sally Has Two Mommies. Her mothe...
Today at 03:01:07 PM by MontanaMEL
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{{ This comes on the 4th of July...for a reason!.. Feed this to every site you can find or know -- and, send it to Congress as well !! }}

SD’s own Marshall Swing and AGXIIK have collaborated on a financial Declaration of Independence from the tyrannical federal reserve system and its fiat debt currency.

The unanimous New Declaration of the 50 United States of America

When in the course of human ...
Today at 01:35:10 PM by ChiefCoop©
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ISIS “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi told followers of his terror group that destroying Egypt’s national monuments, such as the pyramids and the sphinx, is a “religious duty” that must be carried out by those who worship Islam, as idolatry is strictly banned in the religion, according to reports.

UK radical Islamist Anjem Choudary echoed Baghdadi’s sentiments, telling The Telegraph: “When Egypt comes under the auspices of the Khalifa [Ca...
Today at 12:52:49 PM by ChiefCoop©
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This is what Rush was talking about the other day. Their "uniqueness" was being oppressed. Now they aren't being oppressed so they're not so unique.  CC©

Steven Crowder June 29, 2015

According to the New York Times, now that gay people have equality, they might miss when they didn't.

Liberals are miserable people and will always find something to complain about, and this New York Times OpEd “–Historic Day for Gays...
Today at 04:12:43 AM by RWA
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President Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency made one of its biggest power grabs last month when it used its fiat authority to essentially claim jurisdiction over any body of water bigger than a driveway puddle.
While the unprecedented expansion of the EPA’s authority may have sounded like a good idea to the president, i...
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