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Today at 03:23:41 PM by JohnnyB_55
Views: 35 | Comments: 3

Sorry, couldn't resist. A fellow on a AK-47 forum sent me these....
Today at 02:36:44 PM by Byrdie™
Views: 16 | Comments: 1

Today at 02:29:39 PM by RWA
Views: 23 | Comments: 2

So what do you do if you find out your passport information was leaked by another government? A foreign government. Well, ask Obama because apparently the Austrian government accidently leaked his passport information.
According to The Blaze:
The Guardian reported that private information including passport and visa details belong...
Today at 02:25:31 PM by RWA
Views: 14 | Comments: 0

Most Americans are unaware of the fact that over 200 years ago the United States had declared war on Islam and Thomas Jefferson led the charge.
At the height of the eighteenth century, Muslim pirates were the terror of the Mediterranean and a large area of the North Atlantic. They attacked eve...
Today at 02:23:17 PM by RWA
Views: 19 | Comments: 1

A medieval Jewish prophecy regarding the coming of Israel’s Messiah appears to correspond to the current situation in the Middle East.
A piece of rabbinic literature(written 2000 years ago) known as the Yalkut Shimoni touches on many future scenarios both for the nation of Israel and for the worl...
Today at 01:20:54 PM by BobSteup
Views: 47 | Comments: 5

California Dem Warns of Global Warming-Induced Prostitution
( Maybe this belongs in Jokes? )
by Philip Hodges March 28, 2015
Things are going to get so bad with manmade global warming that women will be forced to sell themselves just to get food and water for their families. And of course, it’s all the anti-science conservatives’ fault, even though there’s no science to back up th...
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