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Today at 07:22:38 AM by Byrdie™
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The First Lady of the United States scratches her crotch (see below) and, while delivering a speech at the National Governors’ Conference in the White House, lets snot drip from her nose for a full 10+ minutes.
Today at 07:01:23 AM by Byrdie™
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Black Lawmaker: We Need Food Stamps Because All The “Young Eligible Fathers” Are In Prison
Representative David Scott (D-GA) views the world in an awfully strange way. According to the Daily Caller, for instance, he not only denies the existence of food stamp fraud, but also argues that food stamps are a must for society. Why? Well...
Today at 06:55:01 AM by Byrdie™
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Police officers in Jackson, Mississippi are being FORCED to learn Spanish as a result of Obama’s ILLEGAL AMNESTY and opening our borders to anyone that wants to come in and they are NOT happy about it at all!
When we want the ‘Spanish’ people to speak English we are RACIST. Ah, the good...
Today at 06:16:01 AM by Byrdie™
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One thing unchanged, that makes me proud to be an American! Something our poser leader couldn't possibly understand. Honor, Respect,and unyielding love of country.
Government Offices in Washington, DC closed with more snow falling yet the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier continues to be guarded vigila...
Today at 06:09:40 AM by Byrdie™
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Decorated U.S. Marine Arrested After Making THIS Post On Facebook About Obama
As an American, you are guaranteed certain rights like the Freedom of Speech. No matter how unpopular your words may be, you have the right to express them proudly.
Or so we think…
But every day, the First Amendment is under attack. And it’s und...
Today at 06:06:58 AM by Byrdie™
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Obama And Valerie Jarrett Allowing And Encouraging Iran To Build ICBMs To Attack The United States
This is why the White House is so worried about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu coming to America to speak before the United States Congress. Bibi is coming to America to speak the truth about what Obama and his Rasputi...
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