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John j
Today at 01:28:39 AM by John j
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 :wtf I seen the fucktards were tearing shit up as usual , but in these videos there wasn't ONE FUCKING BIKER .  :wtf
Yesterday at 02:37:11 PM by ChiefCoop©
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 January 20, 2017 by Ben Crystal

As of this writing, Donald Trump is just hours away from taking the oath of office and being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. That means there’s an odds-on chance that by the time you read it, President Trump will already be making good on his promise to “make America great again.” Presuming liberal snowflakes didn’t link arms and block traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue, or some of thei...
Yesterday at 02:20:20 PM by bobalo59
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 :gunner :gunner :gunner :gunner :gunner
Too funny

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Yesterday at 12:24:57 PM by Burckel
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i watched the ceremony.  Trump's speech was one to make me happy for his wish to keep America historic and Christian as it should be.  Obama looked at times sad and at other times with his chin up like an uppity nigger.  If only we could keep him quiet in the future.
Yesterday at 08:44:49 AM by RWA
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Fireworks at the "Make America Great Again" concert will make you cry happy tears
We've been through a lot together here on RWA. We cried as we watched thousands of Americans die on 911. We cheered when we watched our troops send pay back to the terrorists. Bush made us pro...
Yesterday at 08:23:41 AM by RWA
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<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

A good rule of thumb for Americans to follow would be never to be complacent when international government organizations are in session. Our liberties and way of life are usually threatened, and these groups typically look to the US for funding. So our money isn’t and safer than our freedoms.

Part of the problem is that these groups and their leaders are never will...
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