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Today at 07:35:47 AM by RWA
Views: 36 | Comments: 3

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Josh Earnest was the White House Liar during the last half of Obama’s second term. Earnest told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing that Obama will spring into action if the Trump Administration crosses “some clear red lines.”

Earnest defined those “clear red lines” as a “departure of values” or an “egregious violation of the norms of governing.” So, not really clear red lines.<...
Today at 07:34:12 AM by RWA
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Nancy Pelosi Slams Trump’s Border Wall… So Two Southern Ranchers Put Her In Her PLACE
On “Fox and Friends” Tuesday, two Southern border ranchers took a swipe at Rep. Nancy Pelosi after she criticized President Trump’s proposed wall dividing the United States and Mexico.

Arizona’s John Ladd and Fred Davis slammed Pelosi’s comments that the American people’s des...
Yesterday at 01:36:18 PM by bobalo59
Views: 112 | Comments: 4

 :mallet :mallet :mallet
What a loser, sorry but  if you can't keep your lies straight, keep your mouth shut. I hope Sean sues the fuck out of her.
Yesterday at 07:02:14 AM by RWA
Views: 176 | Comments: 8

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School Admins Physically Block Parents, Students From Off Campus “Jesus Lunch”
Every Tuesday since 2014, a group of parents and students in Wisconsin meet off campus for what’s known as a “Jesus Lunch.” During that time, students of the Christian faith meet in a public park during an open lunch hour for the students and religion is discussed.

How far will the ...
Yesterday at 06:53:30 AM by RWA
Views: 71 | Comments: 3

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 If cancer were a person, it would no doubt be Bill Nye The Bow-tied Douchebag Guy. Nye has proven time and time again to be an anti-science snothole (read Tucker Carlson Asks Bill Nye Basic ‘Climate Change’ Questions. He Can’t Answer! and Non-Scientist Bill Nye Tries To Scientifically Support Abortion. Fails Miserably…). But that hasn’t stopped Bill from getting his own Netf...
Yesterday at 06:45:42 AM by RWA
Views: 85 | Comments: 3

 Obama’s Iranian spy caught in the White House. What President Trump did has liberals in an uproar!

Obama placed spies and operatives in just about every department in the White House, but President Trump is finding them and kicking them the heck out, one by one. Recently an Obama holdover was discovered working in the State Departme...
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